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Where have all the time gone? From a physical point of view, time is only moving at a uniform rate without going back in a human known environment. "Time to go" is more of fake replica the birth and death of lament, and more on the mediocrity of repentance, we are all very clear, where time is hublot fake not to transfer our will. Just as the "Prince of horses" are keen to capture the same, the tota kings three Prince Na Zha from downtown (taking the sea at the end of the week) a beautiful Monkey King became a young spark, when (the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Zhenguan period 500 years ago) when a stupid fat young cadres. Even the celestial beings in the sky will swiss rolex gradually grow old because of the passage of time. (Shang Dynasty to the Eastern Han Dynasty, the human world has been close to the millennium, the sky is equal to less than three years), let alone the people on the ground? "Time is a butcher's knife", this is true also.
League Tables
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New Swan 'B' 761301946
Savanna "C"642261637
Swinton Leisure642261637
Unicorn 'A'642261637
Rileys "A"734282136
Waggonmakers "A"642222031
Hamers Arms734222729
Morning Star "A"633172525
New Inn 'B' 624182422
Cross Keys 716153418
Starkey Arms615152717
Player Stats Eight Balls
(Gold, Silver & Bronze medal awards) (1st Visit Only)
 PlayerTeamPlayedWonLostTeam RankDiv. RankFPL Value
Gold  C.Briggs Starkey Arms66011£14.26m
Gold  D.Redmond New Swan 'B' 76111£0.00m
Gold  G.Isherwood Hamers Arms76111£16.02m
Gold  J.Turner New Swan 'B' 66011£13.52m
Gold  M.Giles Rileys "A"76111£14.61m
Gold  R.Harper Rileys "A"66011£12.52m
Silver A.Boyd New Swan 'B' 75222£0.00m
Silver D.Gavaghan Unicorn 'A'55012£0.00m
Silver G.Fry Waggonmakers "A"65112£15.20m
Silver K.Swire Unicorn 'A'55012£0.00m
Silver P.Beeston Savanna "C"65112£6.04m
Silver P.Howcroft New Swan 'B' 75222£4.61m
Silver S.Patel Rileys "A"65122£25.07m
Silver S.Wall Swinton Leisure65112£18.15m
Bronze A.Burnham Waggonmakers "A"64223£0.00m
Bronze A.Humphreys Hamers Arms64223£7.73m
Bronze A.McAlpine Savanna "C"64223£13.43m
Bronze Ant.Carter Morning Star "A"64213£10.67m
Bronze C.Berry Waggonmakers "A"64223£15.29m
Bronze C.Doyle Swinton Leisure64223£13.83m
Bronze C.Dykes Unicorn 'A'64223£0.00m
Bronze D S.Birkitt Savanna "C"64223£14.51m
Bronze K.Monaghan Savanna "C"54123£15.61m
Bronze L.Pyatt Swinton Leisure64223£14.15m
Bronze M.Butterworth Morning Star "A"64213£15.29m
Bronze M.Pearce Swinton Leisure54123£0.00m
Bronze R.Lucas Hamers Arms64223£16.52m
Bronze S.Reynolds Rileys "A"74333£16.29m
Bronze S.Whittle New Inn 'B' 64213£0.00m
Bronze S.Yates Waggonmakers "A"44023£0.00m
B.Allen Morning Star "A"63324£13.18m
D.Towers New Inn 'B' 53224£6.31m
G.Dumville Starkey Arms43124£0.00m
I.Towers New Inn 'B' 63324£8.22m
J.Byrne Savanna "C"63334£14.85m
J.Heyes Cross Keys 73414£0.00m
J.Pollard Unicorn 'A'63334£0.00m
J.Ratcliffe New Swan 'B' 73434£16.79m
M.Bullough New Inn 'B' 53224£10.65m
M.Pratt Cross Keys 73414£14.88m
P.Deceth Cross Keys 73414£12.98m
P.Reynolds Unicorn 'A'33034£13.84m
R.Joyce Waggonmakers "A"63334£16.61m
S.Bannister Unicorn 'A'43134£0.00m
S.Beaumont Swinton Leisure53234£16.02m
S.Beckett Savanna "C"53234£10.64m
S.Slymon New Swan 'B' 73434£15.85m
B.Nicholson Rileys "A"52345£0.00m
C.Armistead Hamers Arms72535£14.85m
C.Main Swinton Leisure22045£7.39m
C.Nance Swinton Leisure52345£18.37m
G.Harrop Hamers Arms62435£10.45m
L.Kenny Morning Star "A"42235£4.61m
L.Stott Morning Star "A"52335£13.18m
M.Keithley-Simmons Starkey Arms52335£6.79m
M.McAlpine Savanna "C"42245£10.45m
P.Slater New Inn 'B' 62435£11.02m
P.Wolfenden Hamers Arms62435£0.00m
S.Troop Rileys "A"62445£17.40m
W.Beamer New Inn 'B' 32135£12.08m
A.Carter Starkey Arms51446£12.04m
A.Ryan Waggonmakers "A"41346£10.45m
Alun.Carter Morning Star "A"51446£14.61m
B.Fenton New Swan 'B' 11046£14.61m
B.Hope Rileys "A"51456£12.27m
B.Tinker Starkey Arms41346£15.92m
C.Fletcher Cross Keys 11026£13.36m
C.Sansam Cross Keys 41326£0.41m
D.Phillipson Rileys "A"51456£12.63m
J.Jowett Hamers Arms41346£14.94m
K.Fanning Swinton Leisure41356£8.54m
K.Froggatt Cross Keys 51426£10.87m
K.Williams Swinton Leisure11056£0.00m
M.Brown Unicorn 'A'21146£12.17m
M.Derbyshire Cross Keys 71626£12.17m
M.Williams Waggonmakers "A"21146£0.00m
N.Clayton Rileys "A"21156£0.00m
N.Hughes Morning Star "A"61546£10.52m
N.Riley New Inn 'B' 21146£0.00m
P.Clarkson Unicorn 'A'31246£12.41m
P.Dumville Starkey Arms61546£15.71m
R.Platt Savanna "C"31256£17.29m
S.Gough New Swan 'B' 61546£18.40m
S.Nolan Starkey Arms41346£10.66m
S.Reynolds Unicorn 'A'21146£0.00m
S.Tilley Hamers Arms41346£13.82m
T.Jordan Cross Keys 41326£0.00m
W.Craig Cross Keys 11026£0.00m
A.Dawson Swinton Leisure00067£10.45m
A.Fenna Hamers Arms20257£7.47m
A.Owen New Swan 'B' 10157£9.76m
A.Rothwell New Inn 'B' 40457£8.51m
B.Fletcher Cross Keys 00037£8.78m
C.O'Donoughue Hamers Arms00057£0.00m
C.Twentyman Swinton Leisure20267£11.65m
D.Bentley Cross Keys 40437£5.45m
I.Martin Waggonmakers "A"10157£0.00m
J.Carroll Waggonmakers "A"10157£0.00m
J.Crawford Unicorn 'A'10157£12.98m
J.Iqbal Starkey Arms20257£12.51m
J.Johnson Swinton Leisure00067£0.00m
J.McGuigan Morning Star "A"00057£0.00m
J.Redmond New Swan 'B' 00057£0.00m
J.Robinson Unicorn 'A'00057£9.58m
J.Towers New Inn 'B' 30357£7.12m
L.Bullough New Inn 'B' 10157£0.91m
M.Lee Rileys "A"00067£4.55m
M.Lomas Starkey Arms60657£14.73m
M.Noone Savanna "C"10167£16.40m
P.Cleminshaw Morning Star "A"40457£0.00m
R.Bennett Starkey Arms00057£0.00m
R.Butterworth Morning Star "A"00057£8.52m
R.Flaherty Waggonmakers "A"40457£0.00m
S.Langham Swinton Leisure00067 
S.McDermott Hamers Arms10157£9.62m
S.McHugh Unicorn 'A'50557£0.00m
S.Rogers Swinton Leisure00067£0.00m
S.Weatherilt Savanna "C"00067£0.45m
S.Williams Waggonmakers "A"20257£0.00m
W.Briggs Cross Keys 20237£11.72m
PlayerTeam8 Balls
D.Gavaghan Unicorn 'A'2
D.Redmond New Swan 'B' 2
G.Isherwood Hamers Arms2
L.Pyatt Swinton Leisure2
M.Giles Rileys "A"2
S.Patel Rileys "A"2
S.Wall Swinton Leisure2
Ant.Carter Morning Star "A"1
B.Allen Morning Star "A"1
C.Armistead Hamers Arms1
D S.Birkitt Savanna "C"1
M.Pearce Swinton Leisure1
P.Howcroft New Swan 'B' 1
R.Lucas Hamers Arms1
S.Bannister Unicorn 'A'1
S.Beaumont Swinton Leisure1
T.Jordan Cross Keys 1
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