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Where have all the time gone? From a physical point of view, time is only moving at a uniform rate without going back in a human known environment. "Time to go" is more of fake replica the birth and death of lament, and more on the mediocrity of repentance, we are all very clear, where time is hublot fake not to transfer our will. Just as the "Prince of horses" are keen to capture the same, the tota kings three Prince Na Zha from downtown (taking the sea at the end of the week) a beautiful Monkey King became a young spark, when (the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Zhenguan period 500 years ago) when a stupid fat young cadres. Even the celestial beings in the sky will swiss rolex gradually grow old because of the passage of time. (Shang Dynasty to the Eastern Han Dynasty, the human world has been close to the millennium, the sky is equal to less than three years), let alone the people on the ground? "Time is a butcher's knife", this is true also.
Radcliffe & District Pool League - Upcoming Matches
Premier Division
Home Team Away Team
Savanna "C" V Waggonmakers "A"
Hamers Arms V New Swan 'B'
Swinton Leisure V Unicorn 'A'
Morning Star "A" V New Inn 'B'
Cross Keys V Starkey Arms
First Division
Home Team Away Team
Hark To Towler (Hey) V Royal Oak 'A'
New Swan 'C' V White Boar 'A'
Fairfield Hospital S.C. V Spotted Cow
Royal Oak (Pwich) V Savanna Lions
Peel Hotel V Tottington Con Club
Waggonmakers "B" V Roach Hotel 'B'
Second Division
Home Team Away Team
Unicorn 'B' V Beehive
Foresters Arms 'A' V Crown Inn 'A' (Hey)
White Boar 'B' V Game Cock
New Swan 'A' V Grants Arms (Pig & Whistle)
Roach Hotel 'A' V Rileys "B"
Third Division
Home Team Away Team
Bridge Tavern "A" V Savanna 'D'
Heap Bridge Social Club V Top Bull "A"
Top Bull "B" V Bar 1
Victoria Hotel V Towler Inn
The Old Crow V Lock Keeper
Fourth Division
Home Team Away Team
New Inn 'A' V St Mary's
Crown Inn (Hey) "B" V Foresters Arms 'B'
Turf Hotel Bury V Hark To Dandler
Cotton Tree V Railway Hotel
Sundial Hotel V Bridge Tavern "B"