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Radcliffe & District Pool League - Team Venues
Swan Hotel (Rad.)
Venue: Swan Hotel (Rad.)
Address: Stand Lane, Radcliffe
Hosts: Carl and Paula
Telephone: 0161 724 9412
No. of Teams: 2
No. of Tables: 1
Table Spec: 7' X 4' Green Speedcloth
Brewery/Mgmt: John W. Lees
Beers: Cask and Smooth Bitters, Dark Mild, Original & Holsten Lager, Guiness, Cider.
The Swan Hotel has a warm atmospere with pleasing decor throughout. Regular Discos and Live bands make this one of the best locals around. There's a small enclosed beer garden to the side with easy access to the bar.
The Pool Room is situated to the right when you walk in. There's plenty of room around the table with ample seating on all sides providing loads of space to seat the Home and Away teams. Towards the rear there's a Darts area, again with good seating and a great view. There is also a seperate TV room just in case there is a premiership clash and there's also football on. The pool table is free on match nights and occasionally when it's chosen as a venue for Knockouts.
Carl and Paula are making a real go of this pub and they has put on some quality entertainment recently. The cask bitter is good and a range of smooth bitters provide a good alternative. Live Sky Sports TV for all the major sporting events on 3 TV's around the pub provide sports fans with their weekly fix. Recently there has been a live band playing on Saturday nights and when they are not on there's a Disco/Karaoke.